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Zoom offers a zoom cloud meeting where over 100 persons from anywhere in the world can converge at the same time over the internet. in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies and organizations have resolved to meet on Zoom. Zoom cloud meeting grants unlimited access to video conferencing, chats, webinars, organizational meetings, one to one meetings of up to 40mins (free), or more. It gives you the ability to start or join a High Definition (HD) video conferencing, meetings of very high-quality screen sharing capabilities anytime, anywhere and to anyone within or outside your organization, family and so on.

zoom cloud meeting

Zoom uses the technology called cloud computing. This technology harnesses virtual system resources. This includes files, network connections, and memory areas of computers on the internet to make zoom cloud meeting a reality. Zoom cloud provides the advantage of seeing the called parties face to face to share and to discuss issues partnering with the organization, family and so on.

Advantages of Zoom cloud meeting over Voice/Audio Call Conferencing

  • Improved communication

Zoom cloud meeting gives users the ability to have visual cues, show communication expressions and bond even better. Due to the visual capabilities of Zoom which are not found in audio or voice meeting users a more committed to communicating effectively without incurring distractions as in audio meetings. The eye contact capabilities that the zoom cloud offers enables meeting participants to effectively understand the gesticulations of the speaker or the meeting conveners. Projected Slides, Whiteboards are used during zoom cloUd meetings for better expressions and understandings.

  • Improved Productivity

Zoom cloud users save more time and resources.  Due to their visual capabilities, meetings are often shorter and more effective. On the company Wifi and a click away, meetings commence on everyone’s continent.

  • Eliminates communication errors

Zoom meetings eliminate misconceptions, miscommunications that might arise during audio conferencing. Organizational meetings involve the sharing of strategic ideas among team members, colleagues and so on. Errors in such communication can lead to losses and the creation of bad perceptions.

How to download and Install the zoom cloud meeting app for Android

  1. Visit https://play.google.com/store on the chrome browser for window PC users or simply tap the Play Store App on your Android device.
  2. On the search box, type “zoom cloud meeting” to see the picture above or tap the above picture and then click install.
  3. On the PC, tap sign in (with your Gmail account). Then enter your android device type. On the Android device, simply search as stated in No.2 above and then click install.

How to Sign up and Login to zoom cloud meeting on Android devices

  1. Tap the installed zoom app on your device. Click on the sign in for existing members or login with your Google or Facebook account. New member can tap the sign up button to provide their login details i.e. email and password.
  2. After providing the login details, click on create an account. A new zoom account is created showing menus at the top: Start meeting, Join, schedule and upcoming. At the bottom, Me &chat, contacts, content, and settings.
  3. Simply tap the start meeting option. Grant access to your microphone, audio, to take picture and record video and audio.
  4. Tap the contact menu below, input your phone number to see and import your contacts that use Zoom.

Zoom cloud meeting works over Wifi, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks. Host your meetings with no restrictions on zoom cloud meetings.

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