Xender |free File Sharing and Transfer App | Connect Xender to PC

Following the innovation of internet (IoT) of things which has led to increased mobile devices and other communication gadgets, free file sharing is very essential. File sharing can be said to be a process of providing access to digital media such as videos, audios, images, and eBooks

Other free file sharing apps exist but for a fast transfer speed that is about 200times more than Bluetooth, Xender is recommended. File sharing with Xender offers a transfer of all kinds of media between a smartphone with no mobile data usage. No USB or PC software installation required just Xend it!

How to download a file sharing App – Xender

Is so simple! Just go to the Google play store and search for Xender, click on the install button as shown below to install the file sharing app – Xender

file sharing

The Xender –file sharing app has a different menu which includes the App, Photos, music, video, and file. The app automatically synchronizes your media according to the stated menu. On the Left-hand side, click the login symbol. It will log in to your Facebook account or Google account as you grant access.

Share Files with Xender

The file sharing app – Xender has to be installed on the two smartphones i.e. the Sender and the Receiver. The Party to receive will open the app and on the bottom –right click on Receive button. The Party sending will simply swipe the menu choice such as App, click on any app and Send.

The Xender app can be shared with other nearby phones through Bluetooth or to phones connected to the same hot spot. It can also be shared via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and SMS. When logged in, click on the top left-hand login button to see Ranking and more option. Tap the drop-down button to see the “share Xender with a phone” option.

How to connect the file sharing app Xender with your PC

Tap the Login button again, click the more drop down to see “connect to PC”. Tap the option to see the following method

  1. Open this web address on your PC http://web.xender.com
  2. Scan the QR code

Doing the above options might require you to connect your phone to the PC through Hotspot and is important to note that Mobil data might be incurred in this process. Once QR code is scanned successfully, you can now proceed with your file sharing and transfer of any media.