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Are you inquisitive about what WordPress Errors means? The main purpose of this article is to explain in detail all you need to know about WordPress and its errors. WordPress is used mainly to create websites platforms and content as an open-source system. It contains inbuilt website features like blogging, e-commerce, business, forum, e-learning and so on, for those who make use of the platform. However, due to its versatility and flexible design, common errors occur at times which causes the site to stop working, hence, needing urgent attention.

Causes Of Common WordPress Errors I WordPress Error establishing a database connection

There are major causes of errors on WordPress. They are outlined below.

  • It occurs most times when installing  plugin or adding some unknown code.
  • Installation and upgrading of themes on the website.
  • Unnecessary files like .htaccess file may also cause the system to malfunction.
  • When the coding is poor and not properly set.
  • Incompatible plugins is used with programmed codes and files leading to a conflict with the WordPress.
  • When plugins aren’t  systematically functioning together ,it will lead to a malfunction.

What Are The Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them?

WordPress Errors

If you want to know what the common WordPress errors are and how to fix them, don’t be perplexed. Tactically follows as I walk you through below.

  • We have the “parse error/syntax error” .This is fixed by accessing the file using SFTP, finding the specified error and replacing the file on the server.
  • The white screen of death is also very common and dangerous. It makes the website screen black ,so try disabling your plugin, theme, increasing your memory unit and purging your cache.
  • Poor internet server error due to a problem with your . htaccess file and the server, all you need to go to the settings in the  admin dashboard and disable the file by changing the name in permalinks.
  • There’ a 404 error caused by broken links and used URLs, and is rectified by accessing a new  htaccess file or re-uploading  it.
  • WordPress Errors due to establishing database connection is also very common. This results in inability to check the database ranging from posts, pages and account information. It’s fixed by accessing the  phpMyAdmin located in the sites wp-config.php file, changing the incorrect username, password, databases name, saving and reloading the page.
  • Connection timed out error is caused because of minimum resources and maximum bandwidth making the server unable to load. Try uploading your hosting plan, optimizing your site’s speed, and eliminating resource-hogging plugins.
  • When you’re unable to load images which is caused majorly by incorrect file permissions. This can be corrected by going to your site through SFTP, upload folder, right-click and select file permissions.

Advantages Of WordPress – WordPress download

There are a whole lot of advantages than demerits accruing to using WordPress. However, I will list a few of them below.

  • It is very easy to use and has no complicated settings.
  • You can write correctly, design and arrange contents, pages and posts because of its newly integrated WordPress editor.

Haven understood what WordPress is and what it entails, it will be good for you to join the numerous number of people making use of it today!

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