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WhatsApp is widely known as a messaging app for mobile devices like Android, Windows phone, Blackberry 10 and Nokia S10 with millions of users. Recently WhatsApp released the WhatsApp web version so users can now access the app on their computer and not only on mobile phones. The WhatsApp web mainly syncs messages and chats from mobile devices to computers using their servers. It’s all about being able to access WhatsApp through a computer. WhatsApp web gives users the flexibility to communicate with loved ones while in the office.

WhatsApp Web

Requirements for WhatsApp Web Login

  • Google Chrome – Currently WhatsApp web is only supported by Google Chrome browser on the computer. So there is a need to install chrome on the computer first.
  • Internet Connection – Both your phone and computer need to be connected to the internet for it to work.

WhatsApp update – There is a need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version from your Google play store as this is the only way you can see the WhatsApp web option.

  • An active account – There is a need to have a WhatsApp account before you can use the web because you can’t sign up on the web.

How then do you access the WhatsApp Web | WhatsApp web Qr Code

Once you have met the requirements above, take these steps;

  • On the WhatsApp page on your device, click on the ‘menu’ button (three dots) at the upper right side.
  • From the displayed menu, select ‘WhatsApp web’ by clicking it. A little write-up explaining this feature should be displayed if it’s your first time of using it.
  • Then go to the service website at http://web.whatsapp.com using google chrome browser on your computer.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the website using your phone’s camera through your WhatsApp app.
  • Then your phone’s data will be automatically synced with the website and what you have in your mobile WhatsApp will be mirrored on your computer including your chats, groups, messages, and conversations.

What and what do users benefit from WhatsApp web?

  • Typing messages become easier using a computer keyboard instead of mobile phone touch screen.
  • Files can be downloaded directly to the computer from the site.
  • It is very secure and can be controlled through your mobile device.
  • You can use both your computer and phone at the same time and everything will be sync.

Are there any Whatsapp login limitations?

  • The web version can only be active if phone version is on and this saps data.
  • Not all WhatsApp features are available on the web version, for instance, you can’t create or leave groups and lots more.

There is a great future for the WhatsApp web even though it still has lots of limitations now.

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