What Are Sip Phones? | Softphones and Hardphones

SIP Phones are phones that use the Open Standard Session initialization Protocol to set up and manage phone calls. The actual voice is carried over an IP-based network using another Open Standard called Real-time Transport Protocol. These protocols are generically termed voice-over-internet-protocol VoIP, these phones are also called VoIP Phones or Clients


Types of SIP Phones

  1. Hardphones or Hardware SIP Phones
  2. SoftPhones or Software SIP Phones

SIP PHONE – hardphones

A HardPhone looks like a regular Desktop telephone and behaves as one. The hardphone hardware is fabricated using network IP-aware components. Hardphone will connect to an IP based Network using regular Ethernet cables configured with the RJ11 connector or using Wifi. The hardphones communicate with a base station using the DECT protocol, the base station communicates with an IP-PBX using SIP and RTP as their transport protocols.

SIP PHONE -softphones

A SoftPhone is simply– a software program that provides telephone functionality.  It uses the Open standard Protocol just like a hardphone, and RTP for call setup and voice delivery.


  1. The Phone system (3cx Phone system, x-lite etc.)

Follow the link www.3cx.com/phone-system/download-links/ to download the 3cx Phone System (Server) and follow the “next” button instruction to install it on the server PC or desktop. Here you manage and configure the Client Phone after installation

  1. The client phone (3cx Phone)

Also follow the link www.3cx.com/phone-system/download-links/ to download the 3cx Phone and click on the Next button to install it on Clients PCs, Desktops, etc.

Devices That Can Run Sip Phone Softphone Programs

  • Desktop computers/ PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Tablets (Android, iOS)
  • Smartphones (Android, iOS)

SoftPhone Advantages

  • Using a softphone allows us to make better use of computing resources.
  • Softphones are user-friendly and are easy to configure.
  • Tracing and resolving Problems of Softphones are easy.

Features Required By A Device To Run As A Sip Phone

  • Microphone
  • Speakers (or a headset).

The only fundamental requirement is an IP-based connection to a VoIP Provider or a SIP Server, often in the form of an IP-PBX.