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Web Browser – How to Set a Default Web Browser on IE, Firefox, Edge, & Chrome

Any software that enables a user to access a web page on the internet is known as a web browser. With a web browser, a user can do a lot of internet-based activities like sending and receiving email, checking out websites, downloading files and lots more. The most common ones are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and Apple’s Safari. You can have more than one browser on your computer but can only set one as a default browser at a time.

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Before you can set any browser as your default, it must first be installed in your device. Some features can be supported in some browsers but not in others. This makes users have a browser that is their favorite because of one or more features of it they love. Once you set a particular browser as default browser, any link you click automatically opens with it. This saves your time and prevents opening links with the wrong browser.

How to Set A Default Web Browser on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Google Chrome

Sometimes a user gets prompts on the screen to set a particular browser as default. If you don’t get, just go to the settings and set it up. The procedure can be different for different browsers.

  • For Google Chrome – Open Chrome and go to settings on the upper right side. From the drop-down menu, select “settings”. Scroll down to the default “browser settings” section and tap the “make Google Chrome my default browser” button.
  • For Mozilla Firefox – Open Firefox and tap the three horizontal lines (menu button) at the upper right corner. Select “options”. Default browser settings appear on the top of the displayed page. Click “make Firefox the default browser” button and then OK to save.
  • For Edge – Open Edge and tap on the “menu” button at the top right side. Click on “settings” and then “change my default” at the top of the page. Select “Edge” at the default browser and click OK.
  • For Internet Explorer – Open Internet Explorer and select “settings”. Choose “internet options” and select “program”. Tap “make default” button and click OK.

A lot of people make use of the web browser daily but are yet to understand how it works. Different web browsers have some features that are particular to them and are made to operate on different operating systems too. Basically, web browsers get information and display them for you on your device.  All the major browsers have mobile versions that are designed to suit mobile devices for accessing the internet.