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Are you a lover of videos? Do you wish to get the latest music video release by your favourite artiste or maybe other videos of your interest? Then waptrick is the best place to go. Waptrick offers the users a rare opportunity of downloading videos of their choices without placing any limit. You can download a whole variety of files from their site (not just videos only) which may include pictures, music, games, phone apps, song lyrics, wallpaper, themes and to mention but a few.


People complain sometimes about the difficulty in getting their choices or very slow rate of download associated with certain sites but waptrick is just an exception. You can get the videos downloaded on your device within split seconds and with so much ease. Also, so many sites that even permit free downloads from their sites still have some issues that will make one raise an eyebrow like reliability and security. There are sites that one will go to and end up destroying his device with malware and viruses and even become prone to hackers due to the supply of some personal information to the site. It is not so with waptrick because you are not even asked to provide any information or undergo any form of signing up. Again, waptrick is always updated so every form of latest release can be found here.

The requirements for downloading Waptrick Videos

All you need is your smart device with an internet connection and you are good to go. No charges are applied. No need for login details like username or password. Just type in waptrick website address and you are logged in. below are details of how you can enjoy this free service:

  • Enter waptrick.com on your url browser to get to their website. You will be automatically logged in to the waptrick homepage.
  • Scroll down to see different categories of what you can download. From there, select “videos” and narrow your search down by entering the name of your favourite artist or song. The video will then be displayed.
  • Click on it and select “download”. You will be given the options of the quality of video you can download such as best quality, standard quality or low quality. Make your choice and the video will be automatically downloaded to your device within the speed of light. This procedure can be done any time anywhere without restrictions.

Other Waptrick Contents

Apart from downloading videos, there are other quality contents users can find on waptrick.com it includes MP3 Music files. The music file comprises of all old and recent albums of different artists all over the world. Recent Games can also be downloaded and played online.  The good thing about contents on this site is that it can be downloaded on any type of device be it Android, Blackberry and IOS devices.

Why Your Kids should not be allowed on Waptrick site

in as much as users can easily download all kinds of mobile contents from this site. it is important to ensure that kids that are within the Teens age bracket are not allowed to cross into contents that will are strictly for Adults. they need to be monitored and guided accordingly as they enjoy the free available contents on waptrick site

Until you visit other sites for download of your choice videos and meet so many hurdles like prices, ease of download, the speed of download, reliability and security, you will start to appreciate waptrick better for the wonderful works they are doing at just no cost.