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To download free Music, the latest Movies, themes, Games, pictures, from anywhere and at any time, Waptrick gives you that liberty to access these free contents and enrich your mobile device.  If you have no idea of where to get the above-mentioned contents, then your best chance is waptrick.com. Waptrick.com portal is one of the busiest websites due to the ease at which people search, access and download files of their choices. It has recorded huge traffic due to the availability of millions of apps, music, videos games and fresh uploads on it daily.


Once you visit their website, you will see all the category of services they render on the homepage including wallpapers and background photos, horoscope, song lyrics, live chat, photos and pictures, funny sound, animations, sound effects and so on. All these are available for free downloads.

How do you access Waptrick homepage?

You don’t need a username or password to sign in. Also, there is no need for initial set up of the account before you can access the contents of this portal. You just type in the website address and you are automatically logged in. The portal is open for everyone for FREE, unlike other sites where you create an account first and access the site contents with it.

How to download waptrick mp3 music

Waptrick portal supports downloading music in an mp3 format which is the format suitable for mobile devices. Most songs on their site are usually in this format. Also, you can download the mp4 format. Below are the steps you need to take.

  • Go to their website at www.waptrick.com
  • Browse through the file categories on the homepage and choose a waptrick mp3 icon by clicking on it. This reveals several waptrick music categories available on the site.
  • Tap on the category of your choice. The list of all the mp3 songs will be displayed along with the names of their artists.
  • Then, choose the particular one you want by clicking on it and this will bring you to the download page.
  • Click on the ‘download’ button and the list of the quality of download will be displayed (low, standard and best quality) from which you make your choice.
  • After selecting the quality, the download is initiated.

Latest Update on Waptrick.com

Waptrick offers you the chance to download free mobile contents of latest Movie, funny videos,  animations and millions of wallpaper. Thinking you have to pay for anything you download from Waptrick is a false notion.  At waptrick, these contents are absolutely free for everybody. The only criteria you need to unlock the unlimited access is to register and create a valid account. With this, you explore the full potentials of this site. This makes it easy for you to access the latest Waptrick mobile file you ever desire

Remember you can make use of their song lyric service for a particular song you want provided it is available on waptrick site. Also, note that you only need a little data to enter the waptrick portal and download. Everything is entirely up to you.