US Election 2020 – Latest on Donald Trump & Former VP – Joe Biden

The presidential US election 2020 in the United States is the world-known significant democratic election. Today, November 3, 2020, is a memorable day for the United State of America. As Election Day unfolds, the battle for the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. This will narrow down to how President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, perform. This is what is called the” battleground” or swing” states.

There is a real possibility that the result of the election may be delayed. Also, there might be no winner till the late night of the Election day. The street may face unrest and at the same time, there would be a legal battle that may follow up. Keep in mind that the activities and drama you watch at the battleground state may last longer than a night.

Why are battleground states important?

Battleground or swing states are states that determine the 2020 USA election. These are called swing states. Simply because they have a history of swinging back and forth between the two main political parties. Both Trump and Biden have targeted these states during their campaigns for the presidential election.

Americans do not vote for a president directly. Members of the Electoral college are selected who then meet in December to cast their votes based on the population of voters in their state who had voted. There are 538 Electoral College votes, and a candidate needs at least 270 to enter the White House.

The analysis shows that 12 states as battlegrounds in US Presidential Elections. For the election of November 3, 2020, the toughest battles are likely to be fought in six of these. The Cook Political Report identifies Arizona (11 Electoral College votes). Others are Florida (29), Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20), and Wisconsin (10), as toss-ups. Most analysts also showed North Carolina (15 Electoral College votes) into the mix.

US Election 2020 Analysis & Updates

The biggest swing state is Florida, is among the most politically divided states in the US.  Florida swings between the major parties. Democrat Bill Clinton ruled the state in 1996, Republican George W Bush in 2000 and 2004, Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and Republican Donald Trump in 2016. The ‘Sunshine State’ is special also because it is seen as a bellwether state — except for 1992, when it sided with incumbent George H W Bush, Florida has voted with the winning candidate in every election from 1964 (Lyndon B Johnson) to 2016 (Trump).

The three of the battleground states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Here, they will not begin counting their vote earlier until Election Day. This means it is likely that final results and projections will not be possible that night. But North Carolina and Arizona have begun counting ballots, and these states are likely to be called on Election Night.

Why is there uncertainty around the election?

Much of the uncertainty comes from the fact that the election is coming during this corona virus Disease which has killed 231,000 Americans, these will change the behavior of the election. large number of voters. Analysis shown that over 96 million until Monday night in India, have voted through mail-in ballots and early voting to avoid the crowds on November 3, 2020. Because of the time taken in receiving, processing and counting the large numbers of postal votes, and the fact that projections may not be possible in several battleground states, a clear winner may not emerge on Election Night.

The one way one can hope for a quick result on Election Night is if one side wins by a landslide, racing to 270, and making the counting of votes in individual states irrelevant. But if this doesn’t occur, and Trump decides to contest the outcome, his campaign has already prepared legal teams to stand in,  if he loses by a slim margin, the courts will then Action out the situation.

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