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The world’s fast advancement in technology, as days go by has led the banking sectors to swiftly improve in her services of satisfying its esteemed customers. Banking queues have drastically reduced as People find it very tiring going to banks to carry out transactions. One of the Best Banks in Africa, UBA, has developed a UBA internet banking app as a way of bringing its banking activities closer to its customers.

UBA Internet Banking

‘UBA Internet banking’ was created by United Bank for Africa Plc. (UBA). This bank is a renowned and stable financial organization that has existed over the years. They deal with different financial transactions both within Africa and beyond. Having taking an overview of the banking industry and the challenges, the bank brought out this amazing internet banking feature to meet the basic bank transactions needs. To ensure that UBA bank users are greatly relieved of the stress of going to queue in banks and the risks of carrying physical cash.

The UBA Internet banking was brought forward to enable UBA bank customers to easily perform financial transactions with the use of the internet anywhere and at any time. To benefit from UBA Internet banking features. Users will have to register with UBA bank with the required details to be able to do UBA internet banking transactions.

Users can make use of the UBA internet banking on any Android or IOS devices that have an active internet connection. This is one of the very advantages of UBA Internet banking. It enables users to make safe and secure transactions on the GO so far they can access the internet.

Features of UBA Internet Banking

For users to be able to make use of the UBA internet banking. They must make sure that they have an active account with UBA bank. Then they must have smartphone, tablet or PC that can be able to use the internet. Ensured they have completed the enrollment process.

The UBA internet banking has awesome features which attract users to make use of it. These includes

  • Users can do money transfer operations with the use of internet banking from their UBA account. The transfer can be described as internal or inter-banking ie from the users UBA bank account to other UBA bank accounts and also from the users UBA bank account to other bank accounts respectively.
  • users also have the option to choose date ranges, download it and then have full access to their bank statements
  • Its possible for its users to purchase Airtimes for their mobile network lines and others. This is very easy to do the process by simply making use of a device with the internet.
  • Users can carry out Utility bill payments such as NEPA bills, cable subscriptions, and many other utilities.

Other Features of the UBA Internet Banking include:

  • Users get to customize their internet banking account. The platform allows users to personalize their account to their taste.
  • Usage of the internet banking is unlimited. There’s no time restriction on when to use it. Users can perform transactions with it at any time there is need to do so without the fear of its non-availability.
  • This feature makes it possible for users to look for buses and flights to travel.
  • The internet banking is very secure as different encryption methods like E2EE has been adapted to ensure that Hackers are kept off the radar. They inform and alert users after any login process through the email associated with their accounts.
  • Users decide when to print the receipt of transactions they carry out with the use of internet banking and can also share these receipts as evidence of payment to friends, colleagues on the social media platforms..
  • Users can observe and check the different activities going on in their accounts.

Important Details to Note about UBA Internet Banking

Most importantly, for users to be able to use the UBA internet banking feature they have to make sure they have registered and created a valid account. Users can carry out the registration process on any UBA bank branch closest to them. The easiest way to locate a UBA branch is by Using your Google Map. Simply type “UBA Bank” and then hit the search key. Users can also use the Google assistant button to simply ask of the “nearest UBA Bank”

The Map will display all the UBA Branches and their distances. Users can also visit UBA bank’s official website to register and create an account.. Note: Be very sure you are on their official site. Hackers now clone some these reputable bank websites in a way to defraud people of their hard-earned money.

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