The Amazon App Android – Amazon Mobile Shopping Apps for Android

Amazon is a popular online shopping site where people buy almost all they can possibly need and at good prices too. Instead of going to the website through a browser, a one-tap shortcut known as Amazon app can be used to access the shopping site using your mobile device.

Amazon App

This app is supported by iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini, Android phone, and tablet but the Amazon app for Android devices was introduced not quite long ago. Whatever you wish to do on the Amazon website (such as purchasing products, tracking orders, changing the settings of your account, checking out new products to buy and so much more ) can be done on the app.

With Amazon app installed on an Android Device, a user can;

  • Save time and carry out his activities with much ease
  • Receive appropriate prompt and notification when necessary
  • Go through millions of products on the shop within a twinkle of an eye
  • Buy as much as he wants as quickly as possible
  • Track his package until it gets to him
  • Check out out prices and availability of products through different ways like typing what you want on search bar or snapping picture.
  • Manage his Amazon account effectively.

How to download Amazon App for Android

Go to the google playstore from your android device and search for Amazon app. Select “download” when found and its automatically installed in your device.

What makes the app outstanding?

  1. Sharing feature – To be able to send and share links to products through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  2. Voice search (Alexa) feature – you can use Alexa for assistance in your shopping by using your voice to search for products on Amazon App.
  3. Accessibility – you can press and hold on any product image and drag it to the down part of the page. These items become saved in a tray that is available to you.
  4. Product barcode feature – product barcodes and images can be scanned to compare prices and check whether they are available.
  5. The app interface is simple and beautiful – everything is clearly spelt out for you to make your choice. It has a simplified user interface, making it easy for customers to discover the items they love. The navigation bar at the bottom of the app allows customers to quickly navigate between various pages with few clicks.

The mobile app for Android was recently designed to allow customers to enjoy the same apps and games that they engage with on Fire TV, Fire tablets and other supported devices on their mobile phones.