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Taxify driver app is one the most common app you will get around now. It is a blessing to the citizens of the country where it operates. Being a taxify driver, makes you earn real money of about $200 weekly driving around town. it is unique as the taxi cars are not painted, so your identity as a taxi driver is not revealed.

Taxify Driver App

It is flexible such that you can work at your own schedule. It is designed in such that it has no monthly fees, no boss and most importantly, there are no minimum hours.

How to download the taxify driver app

It is very easy to download the taxify driver’s app. I will take you through the steps. After that, you would agree with me that it is easy to download.

  • Simply visit the Google play store for android device users and then the App Store, iOS device users.
  • Click on install to download the app.
  • Tap on the app and provide the needed information to sign up
  • After the sign-up, a quick training is organized to ascertain your capabilities
  • By turning on the taxify driver app, customers that have the normal taxify app can locate and call for your services.
  • After you play your part, they play theirs by paying directly to your bank account, this is done every week.

It is time to address some of the FAQ about Taxify Driver App

As a driver, what do I do whenever a problem occurs during a client ride?
  • If there’s any time the app crashes, all you need to do is to restart your device. You need not worry because, on the taxify website, they have travel information history made available.
  • In case you restart it and it doesn’t work, put into consideration the distance and time, after that agree on a reasonable price. Make sure you bring it to their notice.
  • The customer may choose to pay through taxify mobile payment. if the app crashed, thereby making you not able to complete the ride, agree on a payment with the customer. When the app starts working again, just do fare review. Make sure you notify them.
What can I do when the app is loading and it’s stocked?
  • If you ever encounter that kind of problem, it’s probably because your internet connection is bad. I will teach on how to verify and make sure internet is working properly. To do that, just try to open some webpage that is popular like or If you stay and it doesn’t still open in a proper way. Go a few distances from where your client is and try it again, after that you can make an agreement in the price. Always make sure you review price if there was an issue with the fare.

The taxify driver’s app is much more of importance in this our present world. It gives you the opportunity to be your own boss while making real money. It has come to stay. If you are interested in joining, you will have every reason to smile and your bank on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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