Internet of Things | IoT – Its Application & All You need to know

internet of things

Internet of things  (IoT) comprises of two keywords “internet” and “things”. The internet mostly called “Net” by millions of users all over the world. Defined as an assembly of communicating devices (things) that are globally interconnected. These communicating devices include computer networks, servers, sensors, routers, and mobile devices etc. The… Read More….

A2P SMS | Application to Person Messaging | its Advantages to Business


A2P SMS messaging is a closed loop messaging system where Application communicates to Persons in response to their requests. A2P stands for Application-to-Person and is also referred to as Enterprise or professional messaging. Following the desire to meet the needs of customers by various Industries, A2P SMS is on the… Read More….

Internet Refrigerator – What Smart Fridges do | Best Smart Fridge

Internet Refrigerator

With the latest innovations in technology different appliances (Including home appliances) are connected together through the internet. This is called Internet of Things and Internet Refrigerator is a typical example. The normal refrigerator has been doing the work of preserving food items for a period of time but the internet… Read More….