Grocery store | Locate the Nearest Grocery store using Google Map

Grocery Store

Are you the traditional ‘go-to-the-store-down-the-road’ shopper or are you the ‘buy-everything-online’ shopper? The advent of the internet has taken technology to a whole different level. Gone are the days when you must visit the market/store/mall to do your shopping; now the market comes right to your doorstep. Be it the… Read More….

Taxify App | Download Taxify app for Free | Install Taxify (Bolt) App

taxify app

Taxify app is a transport network company application that is simply the smartest and safest way to go around town. If you ever get stocked in a place and do not want to stress yourself over public transportation, simply download the taxify app. You can actually download it for a… Read More….

Google Listing | Free Company listing on Google | Google my Business

Google listing

Going online to search for every single need by people has become the order of the day. So companies have learned to maximize that opportunity to reach out to millions daily instead of the traditional ways. Google listing service is where you give important details of your business briefly to… Read More….