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Google chrome

Google Chrome is a free browser developed by Google for accessing World Wide Web and running web-based apps. It is available for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux and iOS operating systems. Each website that is opened on chrome runs as its own process. This prevents any malicious code on one… Read More….

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google search

Google search is now the easiest way to find meaning to almost every one of your inquiries. Most people rush to Google anytime there is a need to check up the meaning of something instead of using a dictionary. It’s normally said that you ‘Google’ it. The Search Engine has… Read More….

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Google Chrome

Browsers are the gateways to everything you want to access on the internet. There are several of them but Google has developed chrome for quick answers in one click. Google Chrome has grown so popular that everyone wants to get it. Chrome enables you to have easy and fast remote… Read More….

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Google Go

Google always seeks ways to improve their services for their users to enjoy at all times. This is why they provided a Google go app which is modified to make exploration of the website very easy and quick. It is a streamlined version of the original Google app which comes… Read More….

Google Drive -Files Backup for Photos, Music, videos | Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Google Drive has made it possible to upload, store, share and access files from the computer or smartphones. It’s a cloud-based storage mechanism created by Google in such a way that the files stored on it can be accessed from any part of the world provided there is an internet… Read More….

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Different people find different features interesting in several browsers but Chrome is a popular choice because of its simplicity and speed. It is very easy to get Chrome browser downloaded for free on your smartphone or tablet or your personal computer. If Chrome is what you are using as your… Read More….