Google Assistant – Your Own Personal Assistant on Google

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence software that makes use of a voice-activated speaker to give assistance when voice is inputted, as well as supports keyboard input. how do you feel when things are being done without the stress of searching or surfing the net yourself, a voice is inputted… Read More….

Google Home – Smart Speaker in three forms | Google Assistant

Google Home

Competitions in the digital world have led to powerful innovations. One can say that digital trends are taking fantastic dimensions considering the latest innovation by Google known as Google Home. At first, it was the introduction of Amazon dot with its personal assistant (Alexa) by Amazon but recently Google introduced… Read More….

Google Assistant, your own Google Personal Assistant is a click away

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been described as the widest and easy to use Artificial intelligent robots integrated on Android Smart devices. It is an artificial intelligence designed with virtual assistant created by Google. This virtual assistant has impressive visual and natural voice processing capabilities and function embedded. Google Assistant has the… Read More….