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box drive

Box Drive is an online storage hosting service where people store and backup their data. Files are continually uploaded to the ‘Box’ for storage and backup by the users who can easily access those files through an app known as the Box-Drive. You can download your files at any time… Read More….

Dropbox – Get Free 2gb of Cloud Storage | Dropbox


All you have worked for and important files can be lost just within split seconds. You never can tell, your phone or device where you store files may fail you (crashing, theft, fire, natural disaster like flood and others) at anytime. Dropbox has been initiated to make sure that doesn’t… Read More….

Dropbox | Recover and share files with Dropbox


Ensuring that your files; document, software, and media are saved and secure is the primary objective of Dropbox.  As a file hosting servicing company situated in San Francisco USA, Dropbox offers millions of users the ability to safely store their files in the cloud. It also ensures instant synchronization of… Read More….