Google cloud platform | Advantages of Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is Google’s own infrastructure developed over 14years ago for its websites and apps usage. Now internet users now have access to its physical network that comprises servers and millions of interconnected fiber cables. It also comprises software that is coded and designed to ensure its flexibility and… Read More….

icloud Storage – Set up & Manage Your icloud Storage

icloud Storage

If you are a user of any form of Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac), this is for you! Apple has provided icloud storage services for all its users who are interested. Not just storage but also syncing and backing up any type of file you… Read More….

Microsoft Azure Portal | Azure Account setup | Azure Pricing

Microsoft azure portal

The pace at which changes occur at every point in Microsoft Azure Portal is great. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that helps reduce costs in order to meet up with business or organizational challenges. Azure provides services like software, infrastructure, platform and supports different programming languages. Several other… Read More….