Infobip – Connects Businesses to Customers | Infobip Pricing


With the rapid scaling technology in today’s world, infobip has become one of the leading global communication platforms. They connect businesses to customers over SMS, voice push, chat, and emails. With just one API call, a user can reach and engage customers around the world with the use of these… Read More….

B2C Marketing – All you need to know about B2C Marketing

B2C Marketing

There is an increase in the use of acronyms in the business world recently. Just as the name implies, B2C Marketing simply means marketing between a company or business and an individual or the final consumer. It gives businesses a one-on-one opportunity to persuade and convince their customers.  An example… Read More….

B2B Marketing | Skills required for B2B marketing | What is B2B marketing

B2B Marketing

Most companies are looking for ways to reach out to more consumers in order to promote their goods and services. B2B marketing, fully known as Business to Business marketing involves a transaction between two companies or businesses. It simply means selling a company’s product and service to another company. It… Read More….