Artificial intelligent Robots | Advantages & Disadvantages of AI Robots

Artificial intelligent robot

Artificial intelligent Robots are machines with metal bodies which can be very resistant and can endure space or any atmosphere that is hostile. They have great abilities. Artificial Intelligence is the brainbox behind the creation of robots and has really affected the world positively. It has improved so many sectors such… Read More….

Artificial Intelligence | Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that has to do with the creation of machines that are intelligent, can work, and at the same time react like humans. Artificial intelligence (AI) can also be seen as the ability of a digital computer robot to take on tasks… Read More….

Ai Artificial Intelligence – What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?


Recently in the science space, there has been a lot of talks about artificial intelligence aka AI. It is a very broad subject on its own in computer science. A lot of researchers and scientists have come up with different definitions and views about artificial intelligence. However, I think it… Read More….

Machine Intelligence – Artificial intelligence Definition from Tecvegas


Technology has made everything simple in today’s world. Imagine the use of a machine to do exactly what humans do – think, reason, act and communicate ideas like humans. This is what machine intelligence (also known as Artificial intelligence) is all about. Machine intelligence is being utilized in our homes, work,… Read More….

Google Assistant, your own Google Personal Assistant is a click away

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been described as the widest and easy to use Artificial intelligent robots integrated on Android Smart devices. It is an artificial intelligence designed with virtual assistant created by Google. This virtual assistant has impressive visual and natural voice processing capabilities and function embedded. Google Assistant has the… Read More….