Song Lyrics | Sing along with Musixmatch App and Contribute song Lyrics

Music lovers now have the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs and as well know the words that make up the song. These words are called the Lyrics. Musixmatch unveils these lyrics which consist of verses and choruses to the users listening pleasure.  Musixmatch is the world’s largest platform provides where users can search and share song-lyrics. It also gives it in different languages as offered by the lyricists.


On Musixmatch, users have the opportunity to contribute new song words or edit the existing ones. As a music lover, you can join lyrics discussions and have your say. As a registered user, you have the chance to report wrong lyrics, contribute to missing ones and edit existing. Also, users can get instant notification when new songs are available from your favorite artists.

Other Features of Musixmatch

  • It allows users to enjoy lyrics from different song platforms like YouTube, Apple Music etc.
  • Users can enable real-time notifications to display floating lyrics and get alerts on currents tracks
  • It lets you share favorite lyrics on amazing backgrounds.
  • It grants users access to communities where they can submit lyrics and as well translate them
  • Users can also earn points and be displayed among the best 10 contributors to Musixmatch.

How to Download and Use this Song Lyrics Platform – Musixmatch

  1. Download and install Musixmatch on iOS and Android devices from their respective stores. It is also accessible via the web, simply type on your url. This unlocks the unending features of knowing your song as offered by the world largest platform-Musixmatch.
  2. On your device, tap the Musixmatch app icon. The user can decide to sign in with an existing Facebook or Google account or click Register to create a new account.
  3. Tap the “Enable Now” option to allow Musixmatch show you the lyrics of your favorite songs while it plays.
  4. Click the “Allow Access” Option grant the App have full access to your music library and display its lyrics and translations.
  5. The opens the following menus at the bottom;
  • Home: here floating lyrics on YouTube, Song cloud is instantly provided to the user. Simply tap the OPEN FLOATINGLYRICS click the song store option and Musixmatch will display the rest.
  • Music: here the user’s song library is stored. Tap any enlisted song to have its lyrics displayed
  • Contribute: Users can add their song lyrics and translations
  • Identify: for music playing afar off: in a car, house or form other people, users can simply tap the “identify” option. Click the app symbol to allow Musixmatch to listen and display the song artist and then the lyrics.
  • Search: here you can search the world’s largest song catalog

With Musixmatch, song details are readily available to you anywhere at any time. It also makes the argument that arises from the names of song artists as people listen to different songs.

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