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People are looking for creative and innovative marketing and sales methods to employ in order to promote their businesses. SMS Gateway unlocks the best digital marketing strategy that is currently trending is mobile phone marketing. This is achieved by the use of bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is sent to numerous mobile phones just like text messages are sent from one phone to the other but the difference between them is that bulk messages are sent through the internet with the aid of a bulk SMS.

SMS gateway

What is an SMS Gateway?

SMS gateway is a website that can be used to send bulk SMS to customers that are enrolled on the SMS gateway. It makes it easier for mobile networks and SMS applications to communicate. You can send these messages to people who are on the phone that is served by that specific gateway.

Why do you need the SMS gateway service?

Everyone has become addicted to their cell phones to the extent that they can’t imagine life without them. So businesses can benefit from bulk SMS through the following ways:

  1. It provides people with a medium through which they send messages to a large number of people telling them about their business promo/discounts and any other necessary information.
  2. Cost reduction – SMS gateway saves money or reduces cost which would have been incurred during updates needed as a result of carrier charges or initial development.
  3. Simplified issues – it makes things simple and easier since compatibility is not necessary.
  4. Faster development – you can build your And app a whole faster with SMS gateway because you don’t have to worry about ensuring compatibility with all those carriers.

A lot of mobile networks are available and they all communicate in different ways over the airwaves. It is usually difficult to send mass text messages to a large number of subscribers and this is where and gateway comes in. Anytime someone sends a mass text through simple texting web or mobile app, it is done through an Sms gateway.

Features of SMS Gateway

  • Ardent monitoring and reporting
  • High-quality output
  • Can manage DND (Do Not Disturb) through SMS Gateway
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quality security system
  • Good customer support
  • Easy integration with other systems

The traditional way of sending SMS involves using your mobile phone to create a message and then send to people on your list. This is very tedious. But with SMS gateway, once you develop your target audience and you want to get in touch with them, you can send those SMS from your browser without stress.

SMS services are used in two ways

  1. Transactional SMS which is used for various alert messages like transaction alert SMS from a bank.
  2. Promotional SMS  used for advertisements.

These bulk SMS services are cheaper, faster and versatile. They are worth a try for your wedding, birthday, burial and church program’s invite.

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