SEO Expert – SEO Expert Job Description | Rank No.1 with an SEO Expert

Everything about Search Engine Optimization centers on achieving a top web rank, building links and driving huge traffic to your website. It is obvious that what SEO enables businesses to achieve can have a formidable impact on one’s business growth and revenue. Most times, SEO experts are the ones that enable their clients to obtain a proper search engine optimization.

SEO expert

Who is an SEO Expert?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert is someone who analyzes and reviews websites to provide professional advice, guidance, and recommendation to business owners who want to drive Search Engine traffic and get higher ranking positions. These experts have different backgrounds and skills. Some may have vast experience in design, writing or advertising while others may have a programming background and deal more with technical optimization.

Since several aspects can affect a web’s overall desirability to Search Engines, an SEO expert should have a wide range of skills from consumer and search behavior to digital marketing, web design, on-page SEO and off-page SEO as all contribute to the success of digital marketing. Being an expert in SEO required a great understanding of the whole process. This includes how to do SEO, the best practices in vogue and how to measure your results.

Responsibilities of an SEO Expert

There are lots of responsibilities which SEO experts should perform for their clients and they include:

  1. Optimization of their client’s web page.
  2. In-depth Keyword research and analysis to obtain new keywords at a low competition and high profitability.
  3. Achieving higher web ranking for their clients.
  4. Detect technical SEO issues like server errors, broken links, redirects, crawl errors and resolve them.
  5. Carry out an online competitive analysis to determine strengths and weaknesses
  6. Improve the existing web contents by completely editing it for readability
  7. Ensuring that the website is SEO-friendly for humans and search engines.
  8. Provide SEO consulting and guiding recommendations for greater changes which will result in better web pages.
  9. Web design, programming and development.
  10. Bringing down what is happening to the client’s level of understanding.

The main concern of SEO experts is the overall outcome for their clients which should be higher ranking and increased traffic with lots of links. The algorithm used to rank search results in search engines is unknown to everyone and is regularly changing. So many factors come into play before the achievement of good ranking and unfold varying processes within each step.

Web Ranking criteria which SEO experts should be aware of include:

  • Proper keyword usage
  • Addition of photos, graphics or videos to increase the appealing and engaging power of the web pages.
  • Powerful contents aimed at ideal customers.
  • Authoritative and yet easy to read content.

Proper SEO is not a day job. It takes time so the client should not expect drastic results from the experts in a short time. It can take up to three months or even six before proper changes can be noticeable.