Google Advertising | What is Google Ads? | Google Ads Account Set Up

Google Ads

Google is a widely used search engine is always searched by millions of people every minute. The search result pages normally include Google Ads (fully known as Google AdWord) which are usually paid for by the advertisers. Indulging in advertisement online using Google Ads is a great way to market… Read More….

Google Drive -Files Backup for Photos, Music, videos | Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Google Drive has made it possible to upload, store, share and access files from the computer or smartphones. It’s a cloud-based storage mechanism created by Google in such a way that the files stored on it can be accessed from any part of the world provided there is an internet… Read More….

Webchat – Discover Webchat Service and Its Benefits | Webchat Online


At some point in time, business customers might seek assistance with various things like fixing an appointment, placing an order, replacing a product and others. Webchat also known as live chat is the best way to respond faster to them. It is a platform that enables you to chat with… Read More….

B2C Marketing – All you need to know about B2C Marketing

B2C Marketing

There is an increase in the use of acronyms in the business world recently. Just as the name implies, B2C Marketing simply means marketing between a company or business and an individual or the final consumer. It gives businesses a one-on-one opportunity to persuade and convince their customers.  An example… Read More….

B2B Marketing | Skills required for B2B marketing | What is B2B marketing

B2B Marketing

Most companies are looking for ways to reach out to more consumers in order to promote their goods and services. B2B marketing, fully known as Business to Business marketing involves a transaction between two companies or businesses. It simply means selling a company’s product and service to another company. It… Read More….

Microsoft To-Do list | Accomplish Your Tasks with Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do list

Many people wake up with a lot on their minds for them to do and yet leave some important tasks out by the time the day is over. They remember some and forget some. There is need for people to sit down every morning and make a list of what… Read More….

Web Browser – How to Set a Default Web Browser on IE, Firefox, Edge, & Chrome

web browser

Any software that enables a user to access a web page on the internet is known as a web browser. With a web browser, a user can do a lot of internet-based activities like sending and receiving email, checking out websites, downloading files and lots more. The most common ones… Read More….

Microsoft Azure Portal | Azure Account setup | Azure Pricing

Microsoft azure portal

The pace at which changes occur at every point in Microsoft Azure Portal is great. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that helps reduce costs in order to meet up with business or organizational challenges. Azure provides services like software, infrastructure, platform and supports different programming languages. Several other… Read More….

Azure Active Directory | Azure Active Directory Pricing | Azure AD

Azure Active Directory

All Microsoft Online business services rely on Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for sign-in and other identity needs. Azure Active Directory is Microsoft’s comprehensive, highly available identity and access management cloud solution that combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, and application access management. Who can benefit from Azure Active… Read More….