Outlook Contacts – Share and Synchronize with Others

Sharing Outlook contacts is an easy way of creating connections within most organization today. This function can be carried out from a valid outlook account, as it has been programmed to do so. Outlook has been described as one of the best tools to share contact easily. In other to Share Contacts, user must first create and own a valid account with Outlook.

Outlook Contacts

Share Outlook Contacts – Share and Synchronize

Sharing outlook contacts simply means allowing other outlook users to gain access to your contact, using the same contacts with several users and also enabling them to either add or remove contacts if they want to do so. The contact sharing capability of outlook made the program interesting and the best for office workers as users can easily backup and share Outlook Contacts.

Sharing Contact is an additional feature of outlook program; the program can also group contacts, export, and import contacts, accessing email offline, sending an email and other features fully packed for new and existing users. Users don’t have to move their contact one by one you can Share Outlook Contacts on other platforms.

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Reasons for Sharing Outlook Contacts

There are several reasons Users share contacts. Some might be personal but below are some other enlisted reasons:

  • Sharing contacts is easy to accomplish
  • It creates an easy connection between the individuals involved in it.
  • Office connection gets better and more enjoyable.
  • It enables connected individuals to gain access to an added contact even if it is added just by one person.

How to Share Contacts on Outlook

Sharing contacts is very easy to do because all is required is to follow the enlisted directive below. Step-by-Step ways of sharing contacts are as follows:

  • Click the home icon, in the share group tap share contacts
  • In the rectangular TO box enter the needed receivers to share the contact with. You can change the subject box if you wish to.
  • If you want to view the receivers default folder, all you have to do is to, click the request permission to view recipient’s contact folder box
  • Through this process you can include any message you want to include, just by typing in the message body whatever message you want to include. After typing click send
  • Go through the confirmation box, and if correct or no problem was encountered then you click OK.

The person to whom you are sharing the contacts with receives the message and can now access the contacts given to him. And that is how you share contact with other individuals on the outlook