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For some decades now, data has been stored using discs, tapes, flash drives, hard discs, and several others but recently, the online storage system has taken over. Normally, using the old storage system is faster than using online storage, because you don’t have to wait for files to upload or download. On the other hand, those storage devices are more susceptible to lose due to crashing, theft, natural disasters (flood, fire and so on).

Online storage

What then is Online Storage?

Online Storage is simply storing data with a third party service usually accessed through the internet. A lot of vendors now offer online data storage for both private and public consumption. Some vendors handle just a particular type of data like music, pictures, documents and so on while some store all types of file. These services are rendered to the users for free if it’s only a small storage space that is required but for a token if additional spaces are needed.

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Why choose Online Storage?

Online Storage  has a lot of advantages when compared to the old storage methods and they include:

  1. Accessibility – you can retrieve your data everywhere you go and at anytime.
  2. Easy data transfer and Sharing – it makes transfer of data from one device to the other and sharing of files among different users very easy. This is very beneficial for businesses, offices and even students. Anyone can share data (pictures, videos, music and so on) with family and friends.
  3. Data security –compared to other back up methods that can be destroyed by circumstances like fire outbreak, water and others,  Online data storage gives a good security since it is located in the cloud (off where it can be destroyed by circumstances)
  4. Safety – storage devices are susceptible to crashing which you avert through online storage.
  5. Efficient Backup and Data recovery: online data storage sites provide a good back up (which you can set to be automatic) and quick recovery of your files and folders.

How Online Storage works

Most times, it is easy to set up online data storage though the exact process depends on the vendor. The process involves setting up an account with a user name and password but in some cases users will also need to download and install some software. For some online storage services, the set up and procedures can be slightly more complex because of so many options to ensure security and reliability.


  • Internet connection – if you do not have a good internet connection where you are, you may not be able to access your data.
  • Ensure that you keep your password away from others as it can lead to hacking your account and loss of data.
  • Reliability – to keep your data secured, you need to subscribe with online storage vendors of good reputation.

Being careful puts every possible setback in check so that users can access their data always.