How can i get the Microsoft To Do on my devices? If you have a Microsoft account and you are not yet aware of the amazing addition that has been made to the Microsoft series, then I am about to give you some information that might be quite useful about its services. You can actually download the Microsoft To Do and you can use them for free.

The Microsoft To Do has been introduced as one of Microsoft’s wonderful addition and services and there will be details about this app features soon. What the Microsoft To Do does is that it helps the users to effectively keep track of their daily records. Also, it serves as a task management tool. This app is a formatted To Do list app for the Windows PC and just like any other regular To Do list, this helps you to organize all your tasks and activities with a single page.

You can easily create your own To Do list while doing so on your mobile devices  or your PC. Moreover, this helps you with business or whatever daily activities that you perform and would like to keep record of.

Features Of Microsoft To Do

The Microsoft To Do app is packaged with a lot of awesome features that makes it worth its while and really valuable to its thousands of users. Moreover, you can easily download it and use it for free. The features of the Microsoft To Do is easy accessible and can be used from any platforms or devices available. Some of the apps best features includes:

  • Sharing of files easily
  • The app has a lot of rigid security features
  • The app allows you to easily store a large number of files
  • You can create a to-do list as well as multiple lists
  • The app allows you to collaborate with other users
  • The Microsoft To Do has a lot of budgeting features
  • There is a lot of Task prioritization as well as scheduling
  • It allows you to keep your personal projects on time
  • It has a simple user interface
  • The Microsoft To Do is also free to download and use

How Do I Download The Microsoft To Do App For Free?

Getting the Microsoft To Do app is a very easy process and shouldn’t that difficult to obtain. As long as you follow the steps that will be provided to you in this article, you should be fine. With the features mentioned above, getting and operating the Microsoft To Do app is easy enough because it has been designed to e-user friendly. You will be able to download the Microsoft To Do and use for free.

If You wan to get the Microsoft To Do on your mobile devices: here’s what to do:

With Your Android:

  • You will ensure that your internet connection is stale
  • You will visit your Google Play Store
  • You will type in the search box ‘Microsoft To Do’
  • Once you have found the app, tap on the Install button to begin downloading process
  • You have to wait for the installation process to be completed
  • Once that is completed, you will launch the mobile app on your home screen or your menu
  • You will then click on the Get Started option to proceed
  • The next thing that you will do is to sign in with your Microsoft account
  • You will then enter your password and proceed

On the iOS:

  • You simply have to connect with the internet
  • You will go to your Apple store
  • And search for the Microsoft To Do
  • Click on the app and then the icon Get
  • You will then have to wait for the things to install completely
  • Once the download is complete, you can now have easy access to the mobile app
  • You will have to sign in with your account

On The Windows:

  • You will simply visit your web browser with a stable internet connection 
  • You will be visit their Microsoft To Do websites at
  • Click on the Get Started option
  • Finally, you will need to input your Microsoft address and your password.

If you want to download the app on your Windows PC, you have to visit your Google’s Play Store and download the app.  The minute you have filled all the necessary information correctly and signed in, you will be granted an all-access pinpoint to its App. There is an easy option for you to choose from if there is a case where you forgot your login details or your password. Now you can download the app and you can use it for free.

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