Microsoft Azure Portal | Azure Account setup | Azure Pricing

The pace at which changes occur at every point in Microsoft Azure Portal is great. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that helps reduce costs in order to meet up with business or organizational challenges. Azure provides services like software, infrastructure, platform and supports different programming languages.

Microsoft azure portal

Several other services available on Azure through their marketplace include virtual machines, developer services, web apps and data services. Microsoft Azure Portal is the primary method of interacting with Microsoft Azure. They have an administrator portal, a user portal, and PowerShell.

Why should you choose Microsoft Azure

  • It enables better service to customers and optimizes risk management in financial services.
  • It is tested and trusted which means that security and privacy are incorporated in the platform.
  • Azure provides flexible purchasing and pricing options.
  • It delivers fast thereby reducing time to market.
  • Can create a brilliant app using powerful data and other intelligent services.
  • You can develop and deploy where you want with the great hybrid cloud on the market.
  • Can help manufacturing companies to respond quickly to customer feedback and trends in the market.

To learn how Microsoft Azure works and partake in it, create a free trial account and try their products and services.

Microsoft Azure Portal Account setup

Microsoft Azure offers a free 30-day trial period to people who opened a new account with them. The pre-requirements for creating a Microsoft Azure account are:

  1. A credit card
  2. Microsoft ID
  3. Valid Mobile phone number

The following steps will be taken:

  • Enter on your URL browser to take you to the homepage.
  • Then click the “Start free” button. This takes you to the page that explained what the newbies are entitled to.
  • Click another “start free” button that appears. This takes you to the sign-in page.
  • Type in your Microsoft account if you already have and click on the “sign-in” button or sign up for free if you don’t have.
  • The sign-up form will take you four steps: fill the section about you (your country, name, email, mobile number, organization name), verification by phone (input your phone number to receive a verification code via SMS which you will enter), verification by credit card( enter your credit card number but you won’t be charged), select the license agreement and click “sign up”.
  • This takes you to Microsoft Azure portal welcome page and you just get started.

Get started with Microsoft Azure portal and meet up with business challenges.