List Your Business on Google – Google my Business | listing is Free!!

Do you want your business to appear when searchers look for businesses like yours on Google Search or Google Map? Or you want your brand to be recognized on Google? This should be the heart desire of every business owner. Those who don’t appreciate the importance of this Google service do so at their own detriment. List your business on Google to increases your chances of showing up in Google search, Google map, Google Local pack or Finder and other Google rankings.

List Your Business on Google

Google Business Listing is an online directory where you register your business and provide/list important information about your business such as hours of operation, address, phone number and so on. Over a period of time, Google has upgraded this Google My Business service with awesome features. Individuals and companies who want their businesses to reach every sphere of life should grab this advantage which draws the attention of viewers or searchers and increases your rank in local search results. So listing your business in Google is an SEO strategy.

Why should you list your business on Google?

There are lots of benefits you will reap from listing your business on Google. They include:

  • It is a service offered by Google free of charge.
  • Your rank will increase on Google such that once a searcher input a keyword related to your business, you will be found.
  • Qualified business prospects can easily be connected to you.
  • You can boost your credibility or trust by providing your complete business details on Google.
  • Listing your business on Google can help boost your business thereby increasing profit.

How to list your business on Google

You get started by going to and creating an account with them. Then log in through your account and search for your business by typing the name into the search box. Select the business you want to list or use “add your business” button to create a new listing if no result matches yours. You will receive a verification mail from Google where you key in the account and go through the approval process. If successful, you can start managing your local listing from there.  Go to your listing and fill in the important details like business hours, address and so on.

In order to draw attention to your business listing on Google

  • Make your listing rich and attractive by going the extra mile to add things like photos, videos, and others. For instance, when you are listing a business that is visually dependent like boutique or interior decorations.
  • Constant update with new posts, photos and latest happenings with your business.
  • Respond directly to the messages and reviews of your customers to build strong customer loyalty.

Listing your business on Google can be just one step your business needs to advance to a higher level. Grab the opportunity if you can!