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Are you looking for a job? Are you interested in forming a network with people who have similar carriers as yours? Or are you a business owner seeking a platform to build relationships with your potential customers and clients? Or are you a freelancer looking for an opportunity to connect to the outside world? If you belong to any of these categories, then LinkedIn is for you. It serves as an avenue for people to get connected in society. Users can also access free and already made Professional presentations on Slideshare which is accessible with a valid Linkedin account


What is LinkedIn all about?

Linkedin Is a networking site where career and business professionals connect. Unlike other social media networks, it is not for frivolities. You won’t see people posting every happening around them or sharing or party videos or cute pictures. It is strictly a professional site for serious people who want to use connections and promote what they are into. Millions of users encamp on the professional network and ripe its benefits

What do you benefit from joining LinkedIn

There is so much in stock for you in LinkedIn and they include:

  • It can help one build his business by creating a platform for users to upload information about themselves, get an online recommendation and connect to potential clients and customers.
  • A user can search for job posting on LinkedIn by members which are usually exclusive to LinkedIn. So many people already have a very remunerative job through that.
  • A business professional can network with people who are in the same type of business and they will become great partners thereby promoting their businesses.
  • Business owners go to LinkedIn to pick people whose profile match what they are looking for in an employee which their companies need.
  • Freelancers can become a part of any group of their interests and participate in discussions thereby building relationships that they will gain from in one way or the other.

These are just some benefits you can tap from the professional network, there are much more. You kick-off by creating a personal LinkedIn account and profile. Once you sign up for an account, you create your own profile. Here you update important information about your business or career. Such details can include major information in your Curriculum Vitae, your contact information links to your website or blog, the business you are into, a summary of yourself and many more. Your LinkedIn profile is meant to represent you in positive ways (for advertisement).

LinkedIn is a platform that connects you with the outside world. No matter the category you belong to, you will surely benefit from it in one way or the other.