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The origin of high-level language brought about the initiation of java in the 1960s by James Gosling (The First Java Programmer). Java is an object-oriented programming language that is compiled to bytecode and can run on any Java virtual machine. Java as a high-level programming language that is based on some certain characteristics which must be robust, secure, architectural- neutral, execute with great performance, dynamic and familiar to use.

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Frequently asked questions on java(FAQs)

Question1: What is the Latest version of java? The latest version of java is (JDK  SE 12). New versions of Java will run code compiled in previous versions. So, if you compile your code in Java 5 and then try to run it in a Java 6 environment it will run.

Various versions of of java

  • JDK 1.0
  • JDK 1.1
  • JDK1.2
  • JDK1.4
  • JDK5.0
  • JDK SE 6
  • JDK SE 7
  • JDK SE 8
  • JDK SE 9
  • JDK SE 10
  • JDK SE 10
  • JDK SE 11
  • JDK SE 12

Question 2: DO I HAVE JAVA ON MY COMPUTER? Every system has java run time environment on its system. For you to view the java version in your system, follow the following process.

Go to start button, search for Control Panel ,click on java icon ,click on general and go to the about button to view the version of java in your system OR you can download the java runtime environment JRE from

How to become a java programmer?

For you to become a java programmer you should have the following;

  • A Computer System(that has java run time environment)
  • Java development kit.

Skills required to be a java programmer

  • Have a solid understanding of object-oriented(OO)  principles. In other, for you to be a good java developer, you should have basic skill on OO principles, data structure, and designs.
  • practice on more codes: you can engage yourselves on online coding contest in other for you know the limitations in writing codes. You can practice on an online platform such as
  • Know how to use java servlet: a java servlet is a software which extends the abilities of a server. A servlet is an object that receives a request and generates a response based on the request. servlet implements web containers to host web servers and Web Applications. a servlet is a short term to HTTP servlet. A developer can use a servlet to add dynamic content to a web server using java.
  • Read Good Books on java: Pearson international edition book is required for Java developer to learn on java rudiments and how to program.

How to install java development on windows

Step1: Download JDK

  • 1: Go to
  • 2: choose the JDK for your operating system

Step2: install JDK

Run the downloaded fil. By default JDK is installed in the directory “c:\program files\java\jdk1.8.0_172 

Step3: include JDK” bin” the path directory

To edit the path environment variable

  • 1: go to control panel>system> click on Advanced system setting on the left pane
  • 2: go to the advanced tab  and click on Environment variable button
  • 3: under system variable, scroll down to select the variable path, click edit

Step4: verify the JDK installation

  • 1: search for command prompt
  • 2: type cd\(cd means change directory)
  • 3: then you type javac (javac means java compiler)


  • Mobile application
  • Web application
  • Desktop Gui application
  • Scientific applications
  • Embedded system

Java is one of the best programming languages because it’s secured and still maintains its standard for the past decades.

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