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Many people get skeptical about some of these online companies due to the rate at which fraud happens these days. Whether you go on the internet or listen to news broadcast, stories of fraudulent practices are all over the place. People are learning to take precautions and be more careful. So before anyone gets involved or stakes his money in a particular company, he will first ask a question like how legit is this company? That has caused the question ‘is Payoneer legit’ to arise.

is Payoneer Legit

If you are in that category of people that ask “is Payoneer Legit”, then you are in the right place. It is not out of place for one to be cautious considering the way people are duped on a daily basis nowadays. The truth is that Payoneer is a safe and legitimate method of cash transfer.


With Payoneer, you can:

  • Set up automated payments.
  • Make mass payment to people such as your workers, freelancers, friends and family.
  • Send and receive payments between Payoneer accounts free of charge,
  • Receive money – you can withdraw your money at ATM or transfer them directly to your bank account with just little cost.

Payoneer has given a good number of businesses a facelift. A lot of online shops have benefited from payoneer because it has helped business owners maintain a good relationship with their suppliers, contractors or partners. Settling of bills for products or services rendered is no longer an issue with payoneer. So many people have explained why they prefer payoneer to all other similar companies.

Why Payoneer is preferred?

  1. Payoneer aids cross border payment.
  2. The service is free of charge especially for people within the payoneer network.
  3. Transactions happen within seconds and are confirmed within that period.
  4. Payoneer is gaining grounds in many countries of the world so making payments are easy anywhere you are.
  5. It makes online transactions easy and convenient.
  6. Your information and details are safe with payoneer.

From experience and also from the reviews of other users, I can tell you that in payoneer everything goes as outlined and that generally means being safe. They deliver exactly what they promise and in a transparent way. They have lasted for some time now and things are still done exactly the way they outlined it. This proves that Payoneer is legit unlike other service companies that say something and do another or won’t be able to uphold their promise for a record time.  

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