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With the latest innovations in technology different appliances (Including home appliances) are connected together through the internet. This is called Internet of Things and Internet Refrigerator is a typical example. The normal refrigerator has been doing the work of preserving food items for a period of time but the internet refrigerator was innovated to be more efficient in the preservation and management of items. This is to make life more comfortable and convenient.

Internet Refrigerator

What is an Internet Refrigerator?

Internet Refrigerator (also known as Smart Refrigerator) is a Refrigerator that have been programmed to detect any type of items that are kept in it and keeps a track of the necessary information about the item using a barcode or RFID scanner.  Such details include quantity and expiration and are obtained directly from the internet by the refrigerator. It is designed to sense whenever a product in it needs to be restocked. Examples of Internet Refrigerator include: LG GR-D267DTU , Samsung family hub R, Electrolux screen fridge, LG Internet Digital DIOS and others.

Benefits of Internet Refrigerator

  1. A user can check the items in the refrigerator from any location using your smartphone for easy monitoring.
  2. It saves unnecessary cost, energy and time spent on physically rearranging and taking stock.
  3. It can be easily repaired when it malfunctions as signals can easily be sent to the refrigerator from the factory to know what exactly is wrong.
  4. Internet Refrigerator prevents food wastage as users are notified through their smartphones of the expiration dates of the items in it.
  5. It helps in efficient shopping as it plans an organized menu and shopping list for the user.
  6. Energy consumption of the refrigerator can easily be monitored with the monitoring apps which are placed on the user’s smartphone in case the door of the refrigerator is open.

Risks and shortcomings associated with Internet Refrigerator.

  • Refrigerators connected to the internet are susceptible to hacking just like other internet connected appliances.
  • Connection to the refrigerator is controlled remotely so privacy is not guaranteed.
  • At one point or the other, the owner might get unwanted intrusions through messages from the manufacturers which are inevitable.
  • The price is on the high side for now so people see it as a symbol of wealth.

Regardless of the challenges, the benefits of Internet Refrigerator are incomparable. Its innovation is expected to make life easier by reducing stress. It impacts not only the owner but even the manufacturers, food manufacturers, retailers and even repairers. So there is no facet of life that will not benefit from this high tech appliance amidst its shortcomings.