Internet of Things | IoT – Its Application & All You need to know

Internet of things  (IoT) comprises of two keywords “internet” and “things”. The internet mostly called “Net” by millions of users all over the world. Defined as an assembly of communicating devices (things) that are globally interconnected. These communicating devices include computer networks, servers, sensors, routers, and mobile devices etc. The devices use a protocol called Transport Control Protocol / Internet protocol (TCP/IP) to communicate.

internet of things

The IoT can simply be described as a closed control system where communicating devices operate with little or no human intervention. Internet of things is fast spreading as people now communicated over long distances using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (popularly called SCADA). These things linked to the internet operate with a high level of digital intelligence. This is synonymous with people communicating relationships in everyday activities. The people to people relationship can be seen between ‘a driver and the car owner’, a gateman and the house owner, Boss and staff communication, students and teachers relationship.

Internet of Things – Brief History

The Network of smart devices was first discussed in 1982. Here a Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University became the first Internet-connected appliance able to report its inventory. The concept of the IoT became popular in 1999 and is the solution to things at this present time.

What We Do With Internet of Things

  • IoT in Homes

These days cars communicate with garage doors. The garage door or even a house gate senses the owner’s car and automatically opens. Internet of things makes it easy to switch on or off the appliances even you are long away from home.

  • Intern in Hospitals

IoT has greatly helped to improve the health system. It is for sensing a patients sleeping cycle. It relates their status to other devices like the light to turn on. Research shows internet of things in healthcare will be massive in coming years. IoT in healthcare is to empower people to live a healthy life.

  • IoT in Agriculture

With an increase in world’s population, demand for food supply is extremely on the increase. Governments and NGOs now help farmers to use advanced technology built around the IoT to increase food production. Smart farming is one of the fastest growing fields in the IoT.

  • IoT in Mega Cities of the World

A smart city is a powerful application of internet of things. Surveillance (using IP based cameras), automated transportation, energy management systems, water distribution. Urban security and environmental monitoring all are examples of the IoT applications for smart cities. By installing sensors and using web applications, citizens can find free available parking slots across the city. The sensors can detect meter tampering issues, general malfunctions and any installation issues in the electricity system. Internet of things helps to solve traffic congestions, insecurity, report traffic offenders.

It is the new era in providing solutions to the open loop control systems. It brings ease of doing business.  Monitoring and control happen over the web or on a mobile app.

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