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With the rapid scaling technology in today’s world, infobip has become one of the leading global communication platforms. They connect businesses to customers over SMS, voice push, chat, and emails. With just one API call, a user can reach and engage customers around the world with the use of these messaging services. Services offered by infobip include API, chat, A2P SMS, bulk message reselling, data export and import, multi-user, external integration, push notifications, password and access management, scheduling SMS services, call tracking, and a host of others. It has been the world‘s Number 1 A2P SMS vendor for 2018.

Supports Infobip offers to her clients include::

  • Reseller program – they run this program for SMS messaging which is a business opportunity. Their clients are provided with specialized technologies and tools for running their businesses.
  • Pricing structure – their pricing system is very flexible.
  • Guidance and assistance – they educate their clients, give necessary assistance, and provide programs directed towards their objectives.
  • Control system – their billing system keeps their clients in control. It includes a customized messaging suite, advanced management practices, and report mechanisms.
  • Reliability – they can be relied upon by their clients to sustain long-term growth because of their in-house development team and global technical support.

What can a client benefit from infoBip?

  1. Real-time delivery reports
  2. Best worldwide coverage
  3. Reliable delivery
  4. Dedicated account management
  5. In-depth consultation with communication experts

Sign up procedures for infobip

In order to enjoy these services offered by infobip, one will need to register and have an infobip account which will grant him or her access anytime. Take the  steps below to sign up:

  • Enter on your url browser. This will take you to the registration form page.
  • Fill all the details required including your first name, last name, company/website, country, email and phone number.
  • Then do the reCAPTCHA challenge to prove that you are not a robot but human operating the computer.
  • Then click on the submit button. Your account creation will be successful if all the details are correct.

Once this is sucessful, go to their website on anytime you want to log in. Go to login and fill in your username and password before finally tapping on the login button.

Infobip is an IT and telecommunication company that is well known for good performances, intense support for their clients and the proper equipment of their clients to run efficient businesses. They serve both mobile network operators like banks as well as non-profit organisations and public institutions. They are worth a try!

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