Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs In USA – URGENT!


Would you like to know about the highest paying healthcare jobs in USA? Curiosity tends to abound in the minds of young, aspiring individuals. And this is among those who are really interested in starting out with careers in the medical field. Will I succeed? what career will I pursue? Which medical field can I work in? One of the most important questions that is asked is, “How much money will I make in this medical Field?

Furthermore, this brings me to come up with a very detailed article on what the highest paying jobs in USA. An i really hope that it helps you to make better decisions based on your preference. This article should be able to help you with a few questions that you may have yourself.

What Are The Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs In the USA?

This article will contain some of the best paying jobs in the healthcare field and how much the professionals earn. This hopefully helps to answer some of your question and know where your heart and decisions lie.

  1. PEDIATRICIAN: You should know a pediatrician as a doctor that deals with the medical affairs concerning children up to 18 or 20 years of age. They manage all medical conditions that affects babies, toddlers, adolescents to teenagers. And according to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics, a pediatrician earns a mean annual salary of $198,420 and $95.40per hour.
  2. PODIATRIST: On the medical chart, Podiatrist is a medical specialist or surgeon that specifically deals with all issues dealing with the ankle, lower leg, foot and such. They help reduce swelling in the lower leg or foot, reduce the pain, etc. They also help provide solutions to help with the speedy recovery of the leg injury.  According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, records shows that a podiatrist earns a mean annual salary of about $145,840 as yearly pay and about $70.11 per hour.
  3. Dentist: A dentist is a medical professional who diagnose a variety of oral deficiency and conditions and helps treat the patients’ teeth. Dentists helps repair broken teeth, remove teeth decay, straighten crooked teeth, fill cavities, etc. They also do the job of placing sealants, delicately whiten patient’s teeth and more. There are other types of dentists in case you would like to conduct more research. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a dentist earns an average salary of about $163, 220 per year and a hourly pay of about $78.47.
  4. PHARMACIST: A Pharmacist is a medical professional that has his specialization in the medical dealing of drugs as well as ensuring the patients get the right recommendation and dosage of drugs. A pharmacist earns an average salary of $128,570 per year or $61.81 per hour.
  5. NURSE PRACTITIONER:  This nurse is more of an advanced nurse in the field, they also help to treat patients who have difficult health conditions. Still, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the nurse practitioner earns an average salary of about $59.51 per hour and $123,780 per year.
  6. ANESTHESIOLOGIST:  An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who helps provide the medical assessment of the patient admitted. They also administer pain managing anesthesia and analgesics to patients undergoing surgery or any other medical procedures. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, an anesthesiologist earns about $331,190 yearly and about $ 159.22 hourly.
  7. SURGEON: A Surgeon is a medical doctor who helps treats health condition that may candidly result to surgery . They also perform tasks including counselling patients, prescribing medications and more. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a surgeon may earn about $208,000 annually and about $100an hour.
  8. OPTOMETRIST: An optometrist is a medical professional who deals with eye health. Also, they help prescribe contact lenses or eyeglasses when it is useful. Meanwhile, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistic, an optometrist makes about $24,300 yearly and $59.76 hourly.

There are tons of medical career in the medical field that one can pick and associate with. All you have to do is to do more research on the career you want to pursue. You also have to make sure you understand clearly what you are about to go into. You can also find these healthcare jobs on popular job platforms like Indeed and many more.

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