Grocery store | Locate the Nearest Grocery store using Google Map

Are you the traditional ‘go-to-the-store-down-the-road’ shopper or are you the ‘buy-everything-online’ shopper? The advent of the internet has taken technology to a whole different level. Gone are the days when you must visit the market/store/mall to do your shopping; now the market comes right to your doorstep. Be it the fashion place or restaurant or the grocery store, you can do all your shopping from your device. There are grocery stores online which sells household supplies, foods, foodstuff, fresh food etc. With one click on your device, you can purchase whatever item you want from these stores.

Grocery Store

These grocery stores have websites, e-stores where their customers can shop and add items they want to purchase to their carts. Most of these grocery stores operate ‘payment-on-delivery’ plans, where their customers can pay for items when the items get to their doorstep. This is one of the beauties of online shopping. Now, your items can get to you as you do not have to leave the comfort of your location.

Locate the Nearest Grocery store using Google Map App

  1. Simply download Google Map from the Google play store
  2. Sign in with your Google account to unlock full access to the map features.
  3. Go to the search bar and type “Grocery store”
  4. Google map gives you the nearest Store to your location. It provides other details like the store phone number, instant direction, and address, website and operation time.
  5. Customers can see their needed item and place an order.

Grocery stores available online provide their customers with the variety of their products in stock, this gives the customer limitless options to choose from without having to move from one store to the other looking for an item. You now visit ten online grocery stores in different locations from just your device. You can shop from all of them and have it delivered to your doorstep.

This has helped ease the hustle and busy schedule of most working-class mothers and wives of this generation. Now they can patronize their trusted and favorite grocery stores from the comfort of their offices or homes. People now can purchase items whenever they want to as these grocery stores are usually open 24/hrs. 7days a week. People make purchases late in the night and have it delivered the next day. Purchase can be made at any time of the day

Although most customers are skeptical that what they purchase is not what is delivered to them, the ‘pay-on-delivery’ option has given them the opportunity to return items that are not what they want and therefore not pay for it. Some people still prefer going to the market, select what you want, buy it and bring it home. This seems safer as they trust themselves alone to handle their shopping. For those who prefer, sit in my comfort zone, shop all over the country and have it brought to me, just keep following the internet and technology!

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