Google translate – How to Use Google Translate | Free Online Translator

Google now offers a free instant word and phrase translation between English and over 103 languages across the world. With Google translate, users can now easily convert statements, speeches by simply inputting their local language and it will be translated to their chosen language.

Google translate

Following the invention of Artificial intelligence, Google has utilized this technology in the development of most of the web and app-based software services. Google translate is one of those services. It makes expressions easy as users can now transform English into their local language as stated.

The service still has some limitations which Google will definitely resolve over time. These limitations include translating from your local language to English. Some of these languages are not available yet for translation. Also, the output voice for some of the language is not yet active.

How do I use Google translate on the web

Below are the simple steps get started:

  • Go to the Google Translate page on the web
  • Select your preferred languages to translate to and from
  • Then select the link “translate a document” directly below the white text box.
  • Click to upload any kind of document (Microsoft Word documents, text files, pdfs, and Excel sheets)
  • Google will now do its magic of translation.

Is Google translate on Web free for all users?

Google offers a free multilingual machine translation service to translate text. It offers a website interface, a mobile app for Android and iOS, and an application programming interface that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications.

Can the translation happen real-time

Real-time translation is no longer fiction. This feature can translate a conversation between two people talking in different languages and that too in real-time