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Most people rush to Google anytime there is a need to check up the meaning of something instead of using a dictionary. It’s normally said that you ‘Google’ it. Google Search has become so popular that it’s usually the first point of call for many though only a few know about its features and how to make maximum use of them. Without its knowledge, anyone can manage and gamble through it but learning about it makes one fast and professional.

google search

How does a Google search work?

This is usually easy though many don’t know their ways around it.

  • Google Basic Search: this is the first method employed when searching. Type in a keyword or the entire sentence into the search box and click ‘search’ to view results.
  • Google Advanced Search: this type is employed when you need the results to be narrowed down to exactly what you typed in. the basic search might not give you what you want in such a case. What you will do is to click on ‘settings’ right under the search box and then choose Advanced Search. Then on the next page, you can narrow your options down by using specific words or phrases before clicking ‘Advanced Search’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Voice Search: some people find Google Voice Search more convenient than other methods. Google Chrome has a feature on the main Google page. Click on the ‘mic’ button but make sure your computer mic is enabled. Then say your keyword and the search begins. People normally use this method when they are on the move.
  • Flight Search: the next time you want to know about flight options online, check Google first. All you need to get a flight is there and even loaded on a page. On that page, you can search for your choice flights, travel dates, choose a class and so on. To get started, check under the search box of your result page and see news, maps, videos images and ‘more’. Click on the ‘more’ option to navigate to the flight search tool.

Google has made the mobile app of Search available for Android and iOS devices. Its features include newsfeed (which updates news and interesting topics) and. Just download from the Google Play Store or App Store and Search for all you want on your mobile devices.