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Google maps have been described as the best traffic app as it helps users identify and boycott heavy traffic especially in major cities of the world; Lagos, Accra, Maryland, New York City, and so on. Google Map is a web mapping service developed and owned by Google. This best traffic app gives users instant access to identify nearby fuel stations, Restaurants, and shortcuts to get to their destinations in the shortest time possible.

How to use The Best Traffic App “Google Maps” on Android

Google map is a default app that comes with Android devices but users can download and install from Google Play store. It is simple to configure and use no wonder it has been termed by all and sundry as the best traffic app.

  • Tap the Map App on your device and click the button on the left-hand side, just before the search here box. This opens a place where you sign in with your Google account. Singing in helps you to save places you’ve visited on your timeline, parking positions and so on. The same section, tap on “your places” option to set your home and work addresses. Here user also has the opportunity to choose an icon to represent the addresses.
  • Scroll down to location sharing. Here you can share your current location with your friends and loved ones and they can share with you too. This takes the false stories of “I am here when he or she is actually somewhere else” away. Simply tell your friend to tap the “get started” button on location sharing option on Google map. Then select an option of 1hour, 2hours and so on simply by tapping the plus sign or minus sign as required. The user can now tap the more option to share his or her location on WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.
  • Swipe down to settings to configure to test the following options
    Navigation settings: here user improves Google map experience by enabling voice play options during calls, driving notifications and add driving shortcuts to its home screen.
    Commute settings: user can tap the set home address and follow the next options to optimize and improve map experience.
    Sign out of Google Maps: user can sign out from the Map and this takes the saved and pin symbols away from the map.
  • Swipe left to get into the Map proper. Below the map are three options EXPLORE, DRIVING, and TRANSPORT. Tap the EXPLORE option to see nearby Resturants, Cafes, Gas stations, and so on. Click on the DRIVING option to see as detailed below.

The thick RED shows heavy traffic, AMBER shows light, slight Or Moving traffic while GREEN shows no Traffic at all. User Can manually decide or Tap the GO option. Then Input the destination and have Google Map calculate the shortest route Itself. Then Tap START Option, Listen to the voice prompts to get to your destination.

Seating and driving for long hours can be frustrating and tiring. Due to the increased number of cars in major cities of the world, heavy traffic becomes the main issues People go through. Getting to their destinations especially during the traffic peak hour becomes a major challenge. With Google Map, users have the opportunity to set there Home and Work addresses. With this, Google will give them route status. This route status comes as a notification on the user’s device based on the set time.

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