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Competitions in the digital world have led to powerful innovations. One can say that digital trends are taking fantastic dimensions considering the latest innovation by Google known as Google Home. At first, it was the introduction of Amazon dot with its personal assistant (Alexa) by Amazon but recently Google introduced Google home with Google assistant. Amazingly there are thousand and one thing this latest Google product can do for you like searching the web, checking your calendar, changing the temperature of your house.

Google Home

Other include switching off lights in the house, finding your phone when you misplace it in the house, giving you the traffic condition of roads, placing an order for uber and even creating a shopping list for you. It does a lot more and all these can be achieved within a twinkle of an eye by just telling the device what you want.

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What then is Google Home?

It’s a smart speaker (just like Amazon’s echo) designed by Google. It acts as a home control hub and assist in doing several things at home and even beyond. The speaker basically serves as a vehicle for google assistant (usually connected to the internet) which is Google’s voice-activated virtual helper but can also play music just like normal speakers. You can also use it to find out what you don’t know from Google. Google  Home devices are currently available in the UK and US.

How does it operate?

It always listens to its environment in order to grab any command. There are wake words which have been preprogrammed into it that must be used for it to understand the command. Such words can be “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google”. It doesn’t record or respond to your commands until you say one of its wake words. You can interact with it by simply saying “OK, Google” and then speak your command or what you want.

Google home has three forms of this smart speaker.

  • The first is Google Assistant debuted in the original Google Home.
  • Google Home Mini – all Google’s smarts speakers are squeezed into a smaller package.
  • Also, Home Max which puts Google’s smarts into a speaker designed to give a great sound quality.

The three speakers can be used since they give you access to the same Google Assistant service. Though it only differs in size, sound quality, and price. The same Google Home app is used to set up all three. In fact, they all respond to the same wake words and the same commands. Also, you can connect the speakers to compatible devices provided by Google. Such devices as thermostats, smart lights, security systems, smart switches, smart locks, sprinklers, large appliances. All these have made them a lot easier to control with natural commands.

Google has put in a lot of effort to produce Google home which is a great rival of Amazon Echo. So many people say Google home is better but tasting the two would enable one make a better judgement and at the same time improve one’s standard of living.

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