Google Drive for Business – Google Drive for Business Pricing

Google Drive for business like we know is a cloud storage service that allows users to store files or document without using up space from their computer(s), but do you also know that Google drive can be used for business, well that’s what you will be learning in this article. One of the many advantage of G drive over others is that it is built in many office applications i.e. it is very similar to Microsoft office but it has very powerful collaboration features and this is why it can be used for business.

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Google drive for business

Benefits of Google Drive

As stated above the biggest benefit of Google Drive is its ability to collaborate with others (other users) irrespective of their distance or location so long they are connected to internet in real life. This means you can create a document either on docs or sheets and then invite others to it and all be able to edit it at the same time and you can watch the edit in real-time as they happen.

You can even assign an area of the document to another user so they know where to edit and even share your thought in a dropbox attached to that part of the document so others can know your mind and work in line with your thought.

Also since G drive is a cloud storage service, when working on it automatically saves your work thereby making it easy to retrieve documents, you can also go back on an earlier save document and restore if you like plus G drive is easy to load up from another computer that is not yours all you need to do is to log into you Gmail web.

File Management a major Benefit for Google Cloud Storage Drive

This is another benefit of using google drive for business, where you can successfully create and save files or documents related to different projects in different folders well organized and structured for your team members to easily access and work on. This is very helpful for businesses that desire to scale from a one-man business to partnership that will involve more than two to ten people because the google drive file management feature will help the new people coming in to understand the business from where it began, how it began, why it began, their policies, goals and so on.

How to Get started with Google Drive for Business

There are two ways practically. One, you can use the Google drive that comes with a free personal Gmail account while the other one which is what most businesses will prefer is a paid professional G suite account which gives 30 gigabyte of space (as against the free 15 gigabytes that comes with a free Gmail account) and even up 1 terabytes of space depending on your plan which apparently start from as low as $5 per use or per month.