Google Classroom | Find out What happens in a Google Classroom?

Advancement in technology has made it possible for teachers and students to communicate without seeing themselves physically. A classroom environment is now set up online where teaching and learning occur just like in the normal classroom. A free web-based platform known as Google Classroom has been created by Google to provide a suitable learning environment for schools and individuals. It is one of the latest and powerful services rendered by Google. Teachers create classes, carry out all class activities, students join classes and all happen in one place.

Google Classroom

The classroom is successful due to other education apps in the Google ecosystem that combine with it. Such include Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, and sheets. The basic requirements for using this Classroom are Google Classroom App which is available for Android and iOS devices and active internet connection.

Do people benefit from Google Classroom?

Of course! It makes the whole learning process fun. The benefits include:

  • It does not cost a dime to be part of and it’s easy to arrange online
  • It saves time and energy because all the class activities happen just in that one place
  • Teachers can give and receive feedback instantly.
  • It allows teachers to monitor the progress of their students.
  • Signing in gives the individual access to enjoy other Google services like Google Drive, Google Doc, and others.
  • It promotes better communication among the students and makes a classroom well organized.

What really happens in a Google Classroom?

  • Announcements and information can be disseminated through Google Classroom.  Students in the class get email messages automatically.
  • Teachers use it as a platform to share important documents with their students such as study materials. This makes it possible for them to access it anywhere they are.
  • Google Classroom gives teachers room to distribute, gather, manage classwork and assignments.
  • Teachers also send an update of their students’ performances in class to their parents through this platform using e-mail.
  • Students learn, ask questions and get instant feedbacks here.

The Classroom is just a replica of normal school classroom actions and activities but on an online platform. It just a way Google used to simplify the learning process for the teachers, instructors, coaches, and students. Anyone who yearns for effective management of his or her classroom should give Google Classroom a try.

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