Google Chromecast – The solution to Your monthly cable TV subscriptions

Most cable tv subscription in most part of the world has been designed to suit the customers watch plan. For easy access to viewing news, movies sports and so on. The subscription has been modified to be a pay-as-you-watch plan. It is imperative to note that most part of the African continent; it is still a monthly subscription where users pay for hours that they didn’t even watch. Google chromecast has totally eliminated the monthly subscription plans and has restored the “pay-as-you-watch” to its users.

Google Chromecast

Here Users only subscribe for their monthly data subscription which they can use for other things apart from viewing the TV. Google chromecast is a device owned by google. It comes with an HDM1 cable meant for the tv’s HDM1 port and a USB power cable. Users can remotely control their access to video contents from their smartphones and computers. These video contents can be sourced from Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and so on.

Features of google chromecast

Before we go into details of describing the features of google chrome cast, we will first enumerate its content that will be covered in this article

  • Where to purchase google chromecast
  • Component of a google chromecast
  • The requirement for setting-up the chromecast
  • Configuring a chromecast
  • How to cast video content

Where To Purchase A Google Chrome Cast

This device is readily available in almost all online stores all over the world. For people living in Canada and the USA, eBay and Amazon stores, etc can easily deliver this device. For those living in Africa, you can also place orders on eBay and Amazon stores as well as Konga and jumia stores for faster delivery. The price of a good google chrome cast ranges from $25-$40 USD depending on the seller.

Component of a google chromecast

The google chromecast is packaged in a box-like pack and it comprises of the following

  1. An HDM1 cable- This cable is attached to the chrome cast and then inserted into the TV’s HDM1 port.
  2. USB lower cable-  This  cable is plugged in the power sector to power- up to the device

Requirements For its Set-Up

  1. Fast wifi of at least 5 megabits per second( 5mbps) is required on the download site.
  2. Smartphone: mostly all android phones of good processor speed and memory can be used. The like of Nokia, Techno, Samsung, Infinix, etc
  3. Chromecast App: this is required to be downloaded and installed on the android phone from google play store

Configuring a google chromecast

Once the chromecast  HDM1 cable is plugged into the TV’s HDM1, and the USB power cable powered on, pick up your smartphone having the installed chromecast App and do as detailed

  1. Ensure that your smartphone is connected to fast wifi and tap to open the chromecast App.
  2. Tap “Yes” to confirm that the code displayed on your TV is the same as that on your smartphone.
  3. Then create a TV profile name
  4. The wifi will disconnect and reconnect to enable proper authentication of the Chromecast.

How to cast video content

Simply visit, click on any video and the cast symbol will appear. Tap the Symbol to cast the video to the TV. you can also visit other platforms like Netflix for other forms of entertainment.