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Google Chrome is a free browser developed by Google for accessing World Wide Web and running web-based apps. It is available for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux and iOS operating systems. Each website that is opened on chrome runs as its own process. This prevents any malicious code on one page from affecting others or even the computer operating system at large.

Google Chrome is installed by sending and receiving data through a particular Google account which updates all signed-in instances of Chrome. To unlock the best features of Google Chrome, the user must first sign up for a Gmail account. simple click the link to learn how you can successfully own an account with Google Chrome has interesting features that make it be among the top-ranked browsers.

Google chrome

Features of Google Chrome

  1. It allows users to sign in with their Google accounts which enables them to synchronize bookmarks, history, settings and open web pages across several devices. This makes remote access easy and fast.
  2. After installation, Chrome is configured automatically to download and install updates once they are available. So sometimes you will notice a different look on your browser.
  3. Chrome was the first web browser to combine address bar and search box before other browsers adopted it.
  4. It is secured. It warns users when they try to visit a site tagged as potentially harmful.
  5. It works smoothly with Google sites like Youtube and Gmail.
  6. Chrome can give you temporary control over your browsing footprint and session identity (incognito mode) but does not guarantee anonymity.

How to set up Chrome the right way and synchronize your data

This is one of the best features of Chrome. Create a Google account if you don’t have any and sync all your data through your account.

  • Click on Chrome and type chrome://settings into the address bar.
  • Choose “Sign in to Chrome” option that appears when you click on the “Sign in” button at the top of the next page.
  • A pop-up window will appear giving you the option to either sign in using your Google account or create an account.
  • Once you’ve signed in, click on the “advanced sync settings” button. This helps you to choose what to sync across your devices such as bookmarks, history, settings, themes, apps, extensions, open tabs and so on. Unmark any data you don’t want and click OK.

Easily Import your bookmarks on Google Chrome

Anytime you are navigating to Chrome from another browser and there is a need for you to bring your bookmarks with you, Chrome can easily bring in your bookmarks from other browsers.

  • Click on the “hamburger” menu icon and navigate to “Bookmarks”. Then select “Import bookmarks” and choose “settings”.
  • This will open a pop-up window in a new tab. At the top you’ll see a drop-down menu listing all the browsers you have installed on your device that Chrome can import data from. Simply choose the right browser, then click Import and you’re done.

Chrome Extensions and its Benefits

Chrome has a great extension and app ecosystem. You can set up the ones you need by clicking on them. Most users find them helpful and they include mute Tab shortcuts, hangouts, vimium, VPN provider TunnelBear and others. Mute Tab Shortcuts lets you mute multiple tabs with audio playing at once while Hangouts allows Google’s messaging app to behave as a desktop program. Vimium allows you to control your browser with keyboard shortcuts and VPN provider TunnelBear allows you to enjoy encrypted safe browsing.

Google Chrome makes browsing very fantastic with all these features it has. It also makes things simple and easier for you.

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