Google Assistant – Your Own Personal Assistant on Google

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence software that makes use of a voice-activated speaker to give assistance when voice is inputted, as well as supports keyboard input. how do you feel when things are being done without the stress of searching or surfing the net yourself, a voice is inputted and results are easy! This software was incorporated in Android device in February 2017 and also incorporated in the iOS device in May 2017.

Google Assistant

it has assisted users of google account in various ways to carry out some findings such as locations of places, recent movies in the cinema, restaurants close to your homes, location of hospital and so on. We are going to give some parameters of what we will be discussing in this article before going detailed.

  • Requirements to have the assistant on your device
  • How to use google assistant
  • Google assistance on alarm clocks
  • Advantages of google assistant
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Requirements to have this Ai software

  • A good Android phone
  • A google account
  • An internet service – Data Subscription

How to use Google Assistant

This is a software that is on your android phone, it a symbol that looks like that of a voice-speaker.  A little long press on the home key brings a popped-up voice speaker which is the google assistant, the voice is being inputted, the assistant gives a reply based on what was given. For every voice input, you want to have with the computer, the google assistant has to be pressed for the computer to be activated. Google assistant has really made things convenient due to its fast response and quality assistant given to users.

Google Assistant on alarm clocks

  • Set alarm clock
  • Choose google assistance routine
  • Check the boxes of the following
  • It will tell you about the weather
  • Also about your commute time depending on the address added: see
  • User will also get to know about the days’ calendar
  • You can also have the following options: News, Podcast, Audiobooks

It’s Benefits/Advantages

  • It fast and reliable
  • It helps in telling you Routines of the day
  • The Assistant helps you to know your environment better i.e. telling you of a restaurant close to you, hotel, locations, recent movies, education, fashions…etc.
  • It is user-friendly

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Q. Where do you get google assistant?
  • A. Google assistant is not bought anywhere, it is majorly a software installed on the phone by default and seen when the home key is pressed for a little time.
  • Q. What can the assistant be used for?
  •  A. it assists in telling you the current event in the country, latest fashion trends, daily routines, and so many

So why waste time, so as to make things easier and convenient by just using voice speaker to input your query and results are given instantly.

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