Google analytics – Let Google analyze your Site Performance for FREE!

Google Analytics is a website tool designed by Google to provide site traffic analysis.  Improving user experience and earning high impressions should be the ultimate goal of site owners. Google Analytics helps you learn the behavior of your site visitors. it provides you with a tracking code to monitor when your site’s pages are visited. To further improve your Google ranking, these analyses are of great value to bloggers, business site owners, and e-commerce websites.

Google analytics

When you sign up for Google Analytics, Google provides you a monthly detail email on the performance of your site. The details comprise the number of users, the percentage of sessions created and the Bounce rate. This information is key to improving your site earnings Google AdSense and Google Ranking. The higher the Bounce rate the lower the impression. This simply means that site users or visitors are not getting what they want from your site. we will give details on how to improve site impression, keep visitors busy and in turn decrease Bounce rate.

Is Google Analytics Free?

Most site owners believe that they have to pay a certain amount of money to use this Google services. I thought that too!  The Google Analytics is provided to users FREE, you’re to perform the sign-up process of registration. Here information about your property will be taken and linked to Google analytics site for tracking and traffic reports. Site owners that use the Google AdWord the data can be linked to Google for analytics for improved reports.

How I Created My site Google analytics account

Is simple and easy to sign up for the free traffic reporting tool. Follow the below steps to own a valid account and starting receiving details on your site performance.

  • Type in to go to Google analytics web page
  • On the top RHS, you are to first sign in to your Google account. You can also add multiple accounts
  • Click the Sign-up button
  • Then Fill in your Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, and select an Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone.
  • Tap the “Get Tracking ID” button

You are to paste the code on every page you want Google to analyze and share performance report to you through your Gmail account.

Google analytics

How Google Analytics work

The tracking code after the sign-up process is a JavaScript code which when on every page of the website as shown above transmits data to Google server for analysis. The code runs in the browser and collects visitor’s data and sends it to the collection servers for performance analysis. Additionally, the code helps to set Cookies on the visitors computer which will track detail on the behavior of the visitor  to the site before (new or returning visitor), the timestamp of the current visit, and the referrer site that directed the visitor to the page (e.g., search engine, keywords, banner, or email).