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Google is a widely used search engine is always searched by millions of people every minute. The search result pages normally include Google Ads (fully known as Google AdWord) which are usually paid for by the advertisers. Indulging in advertisement online using Google Ads is a great way to market and grow your business. So you need to know what and what is involved when it comes to using Google Adverts properly. This is in order to maximize the opportunity and avoid errors.

Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is just an online advertising service made available by Google to enable businesses to reach an audience and grow. Adverts created on this platform are based on the use of keywords which are chosen by the advertisers. Advertisers usually target users across two main areas i:e the search and the display network but Google Ads normally refers to the search method. This search advert campaign also called paid search involves ‘pay-per-click’. Here, advertisers provide keywords which are relevant to their business. The advert is displayed to users who enter those keywords into Google search panel.

Google Ads Account Set Up

Advertisers will need to set up Ads account before they can start advertising on Google Ads platform. This is simple. You either create your account using your existing Google account or you create a new Google account just for it. You will provide location, time zone, and billing details so Google can accurately bill you every month.

Why should you choose Google Advertising?

  • Speed – Google Ads are well known because it takes little time for results to show. You can get instant clicks so this method is fast.
  • Easy monitoring and evaluation – unlike other traditional methods of advertisement like TV or magazine, Google Ads results and progress is easily monitored. Where there is a need, changes can be effected easily.
  • You can reach a good number of target audiences through this platform. Everyone has either PC or mobile devices and tablets and a good number of people ‘google’ daily.
  • Google Ads system (bidding strategy, keyword, and format) is flexible so advertisers can customize them at their convenient time.
  • Controllable budget – even small businesses can use this platform without investing a lot because the budget can be easily manipulated as you want.

Google Adverts is not without disadvantages because what works for ‘A’ might not work for ‘B’ and every click is chargeable but the majority wins. It works for most businesses and it’s worth giving a try.

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