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Google is a popular name when it comes to online software and products. They create a lot of cool online stuff that can make your work easy whenever you are using any of their created tools or products.  In this article, we want to explore G Suite and bring you into the knowledge of what it is. And also how you can use it for your day to day online tasks or activities.

G Suite is a set or a collection of Google-developed apps or tools attached to a Gmail web or a Gmail account. This is to enhance effectiveness, efficiency for Gmail web users. Don’t worry as you will be learning all about them and how and when to use them in this article. This will help you maximize the full potentials of your Gmail web or Gmail account.

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G Suite

Apps that comprises the G Suite

  1. Google Drive: or simply known as Drive is a cloud storage and backup system that enables users of Gmail web to store files or documents (photos, videos, mp3 and mp4, etc) up to 15 gigabytes for free, yes it is free as long you don’t use more than 15 gigabytes but if exhaust the free 15 gigabytes space you can always buy more space from Google.  Google Drive allows you to backup and retrieves your data safely since it is a cloud storage system, so if you ever lost your phone as long as your information in files and documents are stored up in your Google drive you can always retrieve it.
  2. Docs: it a simple Gmail app but equally powerful app that enables users to write text document and it also provide users with the Google search option that can help you find relevant information in whatever topic you are writing on without leaving your own document. This app is good for research purposes.
  3. Google Sheets: from the name you can tell it is a spreadsheet program that helps you organize your data and also to work with a lot of formulas for your calculations just as it is in Microsoft Excel sheets. This apps is suitable for users like accountants and project managers.
  4. Google Slides: This is just like a micro soft powerpoint to help a user of the Gmail web create amazing slides presentation and one of its amazing features is that you can also use Microsoft powerpoint presentation within Google slides. Is it that amazing?

Other Google Connected Apps include

  1. Google Forms: This is another app in the Gmail web that helps you create forms that carry questions to make research or gather information maybe from your friends, customers, clients about a subject matter or on whatever you are working on and then subsequently analyzing your data in a Google sheet.
  2. Calendar: The calendar app helps you organize your schedules and also establish notifications when dates are due, this way users will never forget any appointment logged into their google calendar.
  3. Google groups: helps you create groups from your contact so you can use it as a community or tribe for sharing information among the group.
  4. Google Sites: here is another application that helps users to create simple but sophisticated web pages with already created templates. So with Google sites, users can create their own web pages and even go ahead and host it.
  5. Hangout: the Hangout app creates a platform for Gmail web users. The essence is to communicate in real-time with friends, partners, clients, customers, email subscribers. Also to send SMS, voice messages, and video calls.
  6. Google Blogger:  This app helps user’s to run their own blog on whatever topic of interest as they choose.
  7. Google Classroom: users such as educationists and facilitators or even classroom teachers or instructors can take advantage of Google classroom. As is used to provide an e-learning platform. Here teachers can interact and communicate with their students, give and mark assignments and exchange educational content.

G Suite is the answer to a number of different result-oriented problems facing most businesses, companies, and organizations. In one suite of tools, it offers solutions to very many of them. This includes email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation decks, shared calendars, cloud storage, etc..

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