Find my Device – How you locate a lost cell phone?

Mobile phone theft is now in the increase especially when people travel on public transports. Find my Device features on Android and iOS device can help you recover your lost device. If you’ve lost your phone already, there is every possibility that it can still be recovered. It is important to properly provision and configures your device in case you lose it. You’ll need to configure it now to enable you to use the find my device features to recover a lost Android phone or iPhone.

find my device

In using the Find my device features, your phone has to be switched on in order to give you an accurate idea of its location. Also to be able to access options to remotely lock or wipe your device. In a situation where your battery runs out or your phone is stolen and switched off, you may be out of luck.

How can I trace my lost Smartphone?

Step 1: find a lost Android phone

  • Find My Device also called Device Manager, offers the easiest way to track your mobile phone. It’s a free app from Google Play Store, and you can also access the service from any browser by visiting should your device get lost.
  • Find My Device offers options to ring, lock or erase your device, should it get out of your hands.
  • Another option, if your phone is switched off, the app checks your location history to find its last reported location. You can do this by visiting and tapping on Manage Activity under Location History.

Step 2: find a lost iPhone

The last known location is where Google last saw it before the battery died, and if you’re lucky it may still be in that location.

  • To locate a lost Apple device you need Find My iPhone app installed – but before you lose your iPhone you’ll need to ensure it is properly configured on your device.
  • Just tap on Settings, iCloud, then scroll down to and enable Find My iPhone.
  • Also turn on the option below, which sends your last known location just before your battery dies.
  • Find My iPhone requires location services to be active, too, which you’ll find under Settings, Privacy, Location Services.
  • Having set up Find My iPhone, you can track a lost or stolen device. Firstly, you can use the free Find My iPhone app on another Apple device to track your phone.
  • Having selected your phone, Find My iPhone will show you on a map its last known location, and offer options to sound an alarm, lock it or erase the contents.

Free Tips on how to track a Stolen Smartphone

This new technology would allow your phone to remotely be switched on. This is if it has enough power to transmit GPS location data before it dies of low-power. On the plus side, if a thief wants to factory reset your iPhone they’ll need to switch it on. Then connect it to a computer and in-turn charge the device – allowing you to locate it. The feature hasn’t been yet released by Apple, but the prospects are positive in reducing stolen phones being lost forever.

Here, we have shared a detailed explanation of how to track your lost or stolen phone. For each of these, you will need to be signed into either your Google or Apple account on the phone to begin. If you have several devices, it’s worth considering this option that lets you track them all from a single interface.